3 Type Javascript Function

  1. declaration function (function with name function)
  2. Anonymous function (function without name)
  3. arrow function
function Person(name, age) {  this.name = name;  this.age = age;}function Employee(name, age) {  return name}const varPerson = Person(“ana”, 5)console.log(varPerson)const varEmployee = Employee(“ana”,6)console.log(varEmployee)
console.log(this)console.log(this.Employee(“ana”, 8))
  1. Anonymous function
const employeeName = function(){  return “paul”}console.log(employeeName())
function Teacher(name, age) {  this.name = name;  this.age = age;  this.nameAndAge = function(){      return this.name + “ “ + this.age  }}const objTeacher = new Teacher(“poter”, 50)console.log(objTeacher.nameAndAge())
  1. Arrow function
hello = () => {  return “Hello World!”;}
hello = function() {  return “Hello World!”;}hello = () => {  return “Hello World!”;}




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